Areas Of Effect : Planar Systems, Critical Roles, and Gaming Imaginaries, Arebyte Gallery, London, 2024

Chh, Chh, Chh, SOUND/IMAGE Festival, Greenwich University, London, 2023

A Haunting, Dinner Party Gallery, London, May 2022

Trouble in Outer Heaven: Portable Ops Plus, Southwark Park Galleries, London, 2021



Sheffield Doc/Fest Alternate Realities Exhibition
’Ghosts and Apparitions’, November 2020
ICA / BBC New Creatives – Kitty Clark – The Experiment, New Transmissions I, ICA, London
Listen here on BBC iPlayer

The Long Revolution, Ex-Baldessarre, Bedford
Jerwood Solo Presentations, Jerwood Arts, London

The Shadow Moses Incident, Primary, Nottingham
Life on Earth, solo, Dinner Party Gallery, London
Spider’s Web is a Stage for a Play, Turf Projects, Croydon

Turf Projects billboard with Fungus Press, Croydon
Hunky Dory, EnclaveLab, London

Mr Nobody, solo, Phoenix, Leicester
Terraformers, Bonington Gallery, Nottingham
Info-Pura, The Residence Gallery, London
Humans Unite, solo, Public Exhibitions, London
Difference and Repetition, Foothold, Bari
The Bathhouse Show, SpaceSpace Gallery, Tokyo

Feeling Knowing, #Post2, La Scatola Gallery, online
A British Art Show, Meyohas, New York
Stay Gold, w/Millington | Marriott, The Others, Turin
Business As Usual, Turf Projects, Croydon
Medieval Helpdesk, International Medieval Congress, Leeds
ASGSABA, Space Space Gallery, Tokyo
Pranks, A COTE DU 69, Nantes

Art Licks X V&A Lates, w/MilMa, V&A Museum, London
Poppositions Pt.2, MilMa, London
Too Much, Two Queens, Leicester
Fezada, ACAVA Central Space, London
Poppositions, w/Millington Marriott, Dexia Art Centre, Brussels
Desktop Residency, 23.01.14 – 11.02.14, online

Conversation #1, Millington | Marriott at Weekends, London
An Arrangement in White, XO Gallery, Leeds
Horror House, Xero, Kline & Coma, London
Take Me Out w/ Limoncello Gallery, London Art Fair, London

Likeable, Supercollider Contemporary Arts, Blackpool
A Modern Myth …, Two Queens, Leicester
Co/Lab Art Platform, w/ the IJV, Los Angeles
Glamourie, PSL [Project Space Leeds], Leeds
Beneath This Stone, solo, The Institute of Jamais Vu, London

Change the World or Go Home, Down Stairs, Hereford
Summer Fayre, w/ Permanent Gallery, Outpost, Norwich
A Cabin is Burning, Permanent Gallery, Brighton 

Select Press / Publications:

Review: Trouble in Outer Heaven: Portable Ops Plus by Martin Herbert, Art Monthly Issue 450
Profile: Kitty Clark, Art Monthly Issue 399
A British Art Show Reviewed, AQNB
There’s Something in the Fire, Art Licks issue #14