Snake : I had no idea you were so feminine.

Meryl  : This is no time to try and hit on me, Snake.  Besides, it’s a

         waste of time.  When I joined up they gave me psychotherapy to

         destroy my interest in men

Conceived for an exhibition at Southwark Park Galleries that explored the contemporary resonance of Hideo Kojima’s video game Metal Gear Solid (1998), and particularly inspired by a line of dialogue from character Meryl, the script for Only Good Guys Go To Heaven was informed by writings in neuro-linguistic programming textbooks and guided meditations, attempting to examine the extent to which language can manipulate an audience (or player) in morality and choice making. A series of recordings play through speakers installed throughout Only Good Guys Go To Heaven, utilising language that moves between control and coercion, new age self-help and fantastical role-playing.